Cattery POPOKILANI is a small Mainecoon cattery located in Sayama-shi, Saitama prefecture, which is quite famous by "Green Tea" field, about one hour far from Tokyo. Our cattery just started from April, year 2008. And started attending TICA Asia Region from Sep. 2008.

Friday, February 9, 2018

Baby Sister Ema! / 末っ子エマちゃん!



This girl is one of Layla and Alfred's babies. We called her "Maple" and she got a new name. Please meet Ema!
She was only a 79g baby, the smallest of all three and I was bit worrying how she will be. But during the 3 months, she rapidly gained her weight and became a very beautiful girl.

And she left for her new home on Jan. 28th.
Following photos and letter are from her new mom.

Ema"s new life just begun. Looks like she was really loved by her mom for full 3 months since she was born.
先住猫ちゃんに臆することなく、シャ~~ッ  と言われても、怖がらずに何回も近づいては仲間に入れてもらおうとしています。

She is try to join the elder group even she is hissed by them and never gives up. And looks like she likes Karin, the Maine Coon boy and is following after him all over.


I love the long links tips. The color tone and the gradation of her coat is really nice. And whenever our eyes cross, she comes running to me.


"Ann, Ann" is the way she talks and it sounds like she is calling me and every time I hear that I can't stop smiling, it's the magic and I am caught by kitten's charm. 
So happy that I came to know your cattery, many thanks. 




Mama Layla did a great job raising her babies, still hard to believe how she can have been so good mother. And we are so happy to eyewitness that precious moments. Another precious memory to remember forever.

Layla gave all of her love to her kittens, yes she did.

Hope Ema's new family to enjoy living with her from now on.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Koharu, Maggie & Ibuki's Diary Part 23/心晴(こはる)君/マギー/柊季便り パート23

冬も半分ぐらいは過ぎ去ったかと、ちょっと安心していましたが… 二週連続で行きに見舞われたた狭山の茶畑です。


Well was thinking Winter has passed half away... But it snowed twice in 2 weeks around our area...
Had to clean up the snow on the road in chilly days and just couldn't go any where. And there came a happy email form Ibuki, Koharu and Maggie's mom!
Looks like all 3 are enjoying the Winter.

Taking a sun bath with Koharu after the breakfast. 

Long time no talk.
Ibuki became 3 years old by November 30th.
We took him to the vet last week for vaccine and figured out his is now 10.9kg!
And was told to loose about 500g.
Do you have any suggestion for his diet?

With his best mom Maggie. Forever child he is! 

This "X" style is his favorite scratcher... Just broke up by the 3's weight...  

Ibuki doing his best pose "Tummy-up"! 

Maggie watching her favorite TV program "Sekai Neko Aruki" (Mitsuaki Iwago's World "Cats" Travelogue).

気にしてあげるのは、食生活だけではなく運動も。 太ってしまっているのか、筋肉の量によるものか… 特に赤い子は大きくなる子が多いように思いますが、体重管理はやはり大事。階段やキャットタワーなどを使って上下運動を取り入れると良い気がします。

3歳というと人間の20代後半ぐらいでしょうか? メインクーンの場合はこの年齢ぐらいで身体が完成すると言われているので、もう少し若いかもしれません。

Weight control is really a endless theme fro cat lovers.
Look like only controlling the food sometimes does not make a big progress. If the kitty is young, letting them play may be a good help. Using stairways or cat tree may also help.

3 years old is about the late 20s comparing to human. But as Mainecoon is said that they need about 3 years to become full grown up Ibuki is may be a bit younger. Anyways, hope diet and playing will help him loose 500g shortly!