Cattery POPOKILANI is a small Mainecoon cattery located in Sayama-shi, Saitama prefecture, which is quite famous by "Green Tea" field, about one hour far from Tokyo. Our cattery just started from April, year 2008. And started attending TICA Asia Region from Sep. 2008.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Natalie in Ueda / ナタリー上田に行く!

参加の一番の目玉は、温泉。 一昨年はじめて参加して非常に楽しかったのですが、昨年度は参加できず。 やっと今年再度の参加ができました。
参加は決めていたものの、誰を連れて行こうか・・・ これが一番の問題でした。
わが家に今いる子猫たちは生後2ヶ月。 まだまだショーにエントリーできる月齢ではありません。

On July 14th and 15th, we took Natalie to ECC Cat Shoe held in Ueda, Nagano pref.
This show was the very first show for this year. The most important reason for attending was the “Onsen”! 2 years ago we have attended the same show wit Ein and had a wonderful time staying over night with only one cat. Last year we had no chance to attend so we were planning to participate this year. But if so… who to take…? This was a big problem… The kittens are too young to attend… Elders are all seemed not to be in that mood…and finally Natalie was chosen.


Natalie is the daughter of Cindy and Pajocoons Sunrise dream of Popokilani. The only girl we kept for us. One of her litter mate already became a mother this June.
ショーの2週間前に一回目のシャンプー、そして前日金曜日に2回目のシャンプー。 久しぶりのショーにもかかわらず、たった二回のシャンプーというアバウトな準備。

She is having her life really freely but we felt we haven’t spent so much time with her recently. Going to Ueda and staying one night at Japanese Ryokan may be fun for her and us.
We shampooed her 2 weeks before and the day before the show. As a result of summer season coming, she lost quite amount of her coat. May be not was so good for the show but was good for he

家から長野まで約2.5時間のドライブ。 行きの車中では居るのか居ないのか、実に静かでした。
途中サービスエリアで一服して、830頃には会場に到着。 駐車場に車を止め、車内で開放。
気がつけば知らない景色・・・ 多少混乱していたようです。

It was about 2.5 hour drive from our place to the show hall. She was so silent during the way. We arrived to the hall around 08:30 and set her free inside the car. It looked like she was a bit confused with the sight and the air she has never experienced.

ショーは1000過ぎに開始。 長野ならではの頭数の多さでチャンピオンクラスは60頭越え。 ひそかに、ファイナルに一つ入ればいいなと思っていましたが、それも難しそうな状態。 

われわれからすれば、中々女の子っぽい気がしていましたが、いくつかのリングで、ワイルドな顔と言われていました。 どうもわが家のメンバーが全体ごつい顔のようだということを改めて認識した次第です。
The show started from around 10:00. There were more than 60 cats in the Champion Class. Well to be honest I was wishing one final for my girl but seemed it won’t happen.
The weather was fine, no humidity, fresh air and the wind was softly blowing.  And felt this is enough.

Natalie has a very beautiful tortie color coat with white socks.  To me she looks like a girl but some comments we have received was she looks like a boy! LOL It means she also has a wild look!!!  

日間で16リング。 なたたは、ファイナルに一つ残りチャンピオンとなりました。
これで十分です。 ベルギーに居るなたたのおじいちゃん、おばあちゃんにも取り敢えず良い報告ができました。 ショーが嫌なのか、あるいはそんなに嫌いではないのか・・・ 今ひとつはっきりしませんが、とにかく彼女のエントリーはこれで終り。 旅館での一夜で、名前を呼べばすっ飛んで来てくれることを知り、それも素敵な思い出となりました。

Total 16 rings within 2 days. Natalie got one final and is now a Champion. This is enough for her and us. A good update to her grand parents, living in Belgium. I am not sure if she likes or don’t like the show… Instead the thing I am sure is she knows her name. At the Ryokan, whenever I called her name in the room, she surely rushed to me to be padded! What a wonderful moment to share only with her! LOL

おめでとう、なたた! 後は、近いうちにママになってくれれば・・・

Congrats Natalie! You did very well. I hope you to become a mother in the near future…
Let us spend a really easy and lazy days till then!
Thanks for sharing the wonderful day in Ueda!