Cattery POPOKILANI is a small Mainecoon cattery located in Sayama-shi, Saitama prefecture, which is quite famous by "Green Tea" field, about one hour far from Tokyo. Our cattery just started from April, year 2008. And started attending TICA Asia Region from Sep. 2008.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Herb @ TICA & TNCC Cat Show! (Before the Show) / はーぶTNCCショーに行く!(ショーが始まる前まで編)

この集合写真は、今回のポートランドのショーを開催してくださったTICA The New Culture Club TNCCのクラブの方々です。
出陳総数、240 頭。18リング、3日間開催の長丁場でしたがダレることなく密度の濃いショーでした。

This group picture is the members of the TNCC whom held the wonderful Cat Show! This was luckily taken after everything was closed.
I had a chance to participate this Club's show last year and was looking forward to come back again to their wonderful world!

Cat counts was 240, 18rings 3 days show must was a hard work for the TNCC members but everything went so fine for me.  We really had good time and wonderful experience.
Before I start this time's blog, we really would like to thank the team for carrying this wonderful show!  This time's show was again wonderful and became one of the very important memory that I shall never forget!

Thank you to the hospitality of TNCC and all the Judges, exhibitors and spectators!


This is the schedule of the 3 days show.
About the judges, please refer to this link. And about their background please refer TICA website.
It was interesting to see the names of the sponsor for each ring for we do not have any at Japanese show. Belonging to the same organization, some ways of carrying the show is different form Japan.

昨年11月にキツンクラスを少し早めに引退して2ヶ月間家でのんびり過ごしていたはーぶ。 12月中旬からは生後8ヶ月以上のチャンピオンクラスになったのですが、体重を乗せたくて家でボケーっとしてもらっていました。

For this time, we took Herb (Dam: RW SGC Popokilani Cynthia, Sire: RW QGC Popokilani Alphonse), the different line form Popokilani Albert which we brought last year.
Herb finished his Kitten Class a bit earlier and took 2 months break.
So this was his first show as an adult.
We did not know what 2 months blank meant to him. May be he is not happy coming back to the show hall...
And we did not explain him so much going to U.S. ...
So as for him, everything just happened suddenly, I think. Taken to the airport, going through Quarantine check, carried into the cabin of the plane and finally landed to LA. Again to the vet for the health check so that he can come back to Japan... So many things happened to him at once.  

気が小さいのか、太っ腹なのか… 謎の一面を垣間見た気がします。

A very busy and a kind of chaos it was.
He was crying a bit at the hotel when he could not see us (during the dinner etc.) but still ate very well and slept a lot.  To sleep tight must be the solution he found out to get rid of this situation. Thanks to his great personality!

日が登るのが06:30頃。 近くには鉄道の線路があり、早くから貨物列車が走る音が聞こえました。

This is the dawn of the Portland which I saw from the hotel room.
There is a railroad near by and you can here the train goes by.
A very nice scene that I enjoy every time I come here.


あっという間に夜があけ金曜日の朝となりました。 朝食を取りのんびりと… お買い物!
初日の金曜日はショーは午後3時スタート。 飛行場までホテルのシャトルバスで移動して、そこからロイド・センターというモールまでMAXという路面電車で移動。途中でエンドウにはアップルストアに行ってもらい、iPhone6 +を買ってきてもらうよう依頼…

Friday morning came quickly. We had a quick breakfast and took off to Loyd Center. Thanks to the first day show starting from 15:00! We had a chance to become an ordinary tourist! Bought some souvenirs and iPhone+! LOL
Came back around 14:00 and now was ready for the show!

to be continued...