Cattery POPOKILANI is a small Mainecoon cattery located in Sayama-shi, Saitama prefecture, which is quite famous by "Green Tea" field, about one hour far from Tokyo. Our cattery just started from April, year 2008. And started attending TICA Asia Region from Sep. 2008.

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Ein of These Days! Part3 / アインの近影 Part3


On 5/14, we received the photos and a message from Ein's family.
Ein moved to his forever loving home just 2 years before. In these 2 years he became grand grand father.


What we saw from the photo is a very handsome boy with full coat, still look young enough, hard to say he is going to be 7 years old by next month. These photos are the evidence that he is having a supreme life of his own.

With his family's permission, I would like to introduce about how the member of his family were doing...

"アインちゃん、体のどこか具合が悪いのでは" という不安が心を過りました。



The last one year was a really tough year. My elder cat, "Cashmere" suddenly crossed the rainbow bridge.
It was really a hard thing to endure. 
And from last Autumn, Ein started to loose his appetite and as a result he lost  his weight too. Check has be taken places at the vet but nothing wrong was found. His weight became 8.7kg.
"Something must be wrong" and I really became anxious. I just hold him tight and slept every night together all winter.
Changed the food and also tried supplements and in a month his weight became stable.  
From around mid of March, his appetite came back and wight started to gain. Now he is 9.2kg, the best of his.  looks like his sleeping hours has increased a bit but is doing very fine.
Ein is going to become 7 years old on June 8th. His looks hasn't changed but maybe becoming senior...
Loosing my Cashmere, I recognized how precious it is to share the time with the loving ones.
I thank for days to be able to spend times with Ein and cherish each moment.

[添付した写真の補足 1]

I am keeping the fur of Ein. This is the photo of Ein with his combed fur.
I rounded those firmly so it may not look so much but it is.

[添付した写真の補足 2]
This is Cashmere and Ein together. They used to watch outside always. 



愛し、愛されて、強い絆で結ばれて… 改めてアインの本当の赤い糸はK様とカシミル君とに繋がっていたのだと思います。




It must had been a heartbreaking thing for both Mr. K and Ein to loose Cashmere in a sudden.
When Mr. K  came to meet Ein, I remember I told that Ein is a "hunter". Ein used to chase adult cats when they were running. Ein was a type of a boy whose body is full grown-up but has a kitten soul. Ein was so good with the little ones but never geo along with adults. And that was Ein. I believe there was a big effort by K and Cashmere to let Ein settle down. 

Ein was born in USA and moved to Japan when he became 10 months old. So for us, his "Happy" life was really an big issue more than the kittens born at our home. If we still kept him with us, I think he never became "happy" as he looks like in the photos.

Bonding... his real life was to live with K and Cashmere and now it is becoming more strong...

Many thanks to K's for updating about these days.

It becomes the Last but not least,  so sorry for loosing Cashmere. He must had a wonderful life as a member of K's. His appearance has changed but very sure he is with you always.

Yasuyuki & Yukari Endo