Cattery POPOKILANI is a small Mainecoon cattery located in Sayama-shi, Saitama prefecture, which is quite famous by "Green Tea" field, about one hour far from Tokyo. Our cattery just started from April, year 2008. And started attending TICA Asia Region from Sep. 2008.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Last litter of Catreine Red Iris & Shonancats Jacob / アイリスとジェイクの最後の子達




Time flies... Feel like I am using this phrase as a excuse of boing nothing...
The kittens of Red Iris and Jake are now  4 months old. 
Even facing this COVID situation, we are all fine. Had the vaccine shot 2 times too.
And we took our kittens to Tetsu's studio for the group shot.  This litter is another very special litter for me. They are the very last litter of Iris and Jake.  Jake has retired from the breeding program a couple of month ago already.

The top photo is the group shot of the 3 red boys and one Torbie girl with Tetsu"s new props "log" (a bit special log but forgot how special it is... sorry)


This boy is aka Earl ("R"). A very handsome boy with strong and wild looking.
He has moved to his forever loving home at the end of September and now is Daniel. Has a very nice and sweet temperature. Purrs like roaring.  

先住猫は、ブラックスモークのブライアン! そう、わが家から巣立って行った彼です。

He moved to become the youngest member of the family which we know for more than 10 years. His cat brother is Brian, the black smoke boy. Brian will be the good mentor of Dan. Nothing to worry about! 


This is aka Pokopen. He had slight funnel chest when he was born but growing big enough and is enough healthy. 


His official name is Patric. Not so much big as his brothers but weighed 2.0kg at 3 months old. I am very happy with his growth and think he is enough heavy for this age. 
Loves to climb or jump on my back, the very first "Shoulder Kitten" of ours!

イギーさんが握りしめていた赤い糸... 本日(10月吉日)来てくださったご家族が反対側の先をしっかり握ってくださったいました! イギーも、わが家を卒業することになりました!

ある日、気が付いたら、自然と「イギー」と呼んでいました。ジョジョの奇妙な冒険のイギーはオスのボストンテリアなのですが... (ショジョに出てくるイギーに興味のある方はこちらへ)

Iggy found the family who was holding the other end of the red fate thread today! ( October 24th). She is to move to her new home in a week!

Iggy is the only girl of the litter. 
Her name popped up in my mind when she was purring above my head. Iggy was named after a Boston Terrier which is a character of a famous comic. I thing the very origin comes from Iggy Pop... 
Her official name is "Iris", named after the very mother of her.


Her official name is "Iris", named after the very mother of her. We had to add "Red" in front of Iris for her mother's cattery already had a girl with the same name. So finally we could us the name we wanted to use for our girl.

もし、イギーを迎えたいと思う方がいらしたら、是非彼女を口説きにいらしてください! 我こそは!と言うツワモノ様、お待ちしております!

This litter is also the grand children of our Albert.
Iggy is looking for her new family but still not a chance. If she does not have a wonderful encounter, that is also OK. She is always welcomed to stay with us. 
But we still have enough time so if you think you can be the very one, please raise your hand and come to meet her!


1回目の予防接種の時に掛かりつけの病院の副院長に付けもらいましたw  奇しくも先生の名前は”大介”。以後は大ちゃんと呼んでいますw

The very last to introduce is aka Dai (means "Big" or "Huge" in Japanese)
He is staying with us and his official name is Spike. Named after the main character of the Japanese animation "Cowboy Bebop" .


Spike's coat color is a bit light and that is the very point we can figure out who is who. 
has lots of energy, always looking something fun and also always trying to escape from the house. Looks like our house is not big enough! LOL 



When we had Tetsu and Hiroko's photo session he was the very first to attend and played very hard... so as a result the shooting time was shorter than others... think he wanted more... LOL

We are looking very forward how they grow. One thing that is sure is all will become a real Gentle Giant!